Pregnancy week 19 – HypnoBirthing

It’s the end of week 19 and I’m exhausted! One because I stayed up until 2am last night partying – loads of fun! Two because it’s Fashion Week and that means 10-11 hour days of non-stop work all weekend!!!!

As I can’t be on my feet all day, I’ve been managing the back office stuff. Endless image resizing and editing. Exhausting, repetitive and frustrating. Oh the glamour.

However it has been quite good to get dressed up and make an effort to look stylish with my bump.

I’m loving looking good again and being back to my old self in a way.

Chuck is fabulous too. He says all the right things and makes me feel beautiful. Yay!!

I’ve read a book on hypnobirthing this week and decided I’d like to give it a go.

I love the idea of a pain-free, or at the very least pain-minimised, birth! Chuck and I practiced the relaxation breathing and he “hypnotised” me too.

It was soooo good! I slept amazingly well afterwards. I think we might do the course to make sure we’re doing the technique correctly… But I’m not sure yet.

I read a few reviews of HypnoBirths at the Chelsea and Westminster and it looks like they’re quite used to supporting parents-to-be with this sort of thing.

Everyone I’ve spoken to is very positive about it too.

I thought everyone would take the Mick and think I was becoming a yoga-loving, ommmmmming, hessian convert.

Not a bit of it. The world is more enlightened than I thought.

GrapefuitThe grapefruit

Length – 15cm
Weight – 240g

Backache is normal at this stage cause the baby is on a gorwth spurting mission. It’s also getting covered with this stuff called Vernix – apparently it’s to help lube it up for delivery and protect it from excessive moisture? It’s developing it’s ten toes and exercising about six hours a day – usually when I’m sleeping. It’s still downing amniotic fluid and digestion is kicking in.


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