Pregnancy week 18 – feeling the baby move

Ohhhh hold the phones! I think I feel a baby squirming inside me!!!

We read that babies can hear you from around now so Chuck and I decided to try singing to it.

Chuck put his head on my chest and sung the French national anthem to the bump as I lay on the sofa.

All of a sudden I felt a flutter inside the bump. A little like butterflies but more tangible. If you’ve ever held Mexican Jumping Beans in your hand before you’ll recognise this feeling.

It’s sort of flippy and squirmy but not unpleasant. It was soooo weird. I sang the bump the English national anthem but the Dragon Fruit (it’s that size this week) wasn’t keen… Or else it was lulled and stayed still to enjoy the performance? Perhaps he was wriggling around in disgust at La Marseillaise?

I asked Chuck to try singing him the Vietnamese national anthem but he declined – one) because he doesn’t know it and two) because he thought it was quite likely to include some sort of dodgy communist message unsuitable for the not-yet-born’s delicate ears.

Anyway I looked it up. The original is indeed written by a communist but it’s actually not too bad. But then they changed it after the war. “Escape from destruction, and bask our Race in glory”… probably not all that suitable when you think about it.

I sung it some Otis Redding. The Dragon Fruit chilled out to that too.

I felt it move again the following night when Chuck decided to lay down some slow-jam R&B on my belly. It seems the baby likes Joe as much as Daddy. I’m not a Joe fan but I love feeling the baby move – it’s amazing!!!

I tried singing some Joe. ” Talk to me, tell me, where you were (late last night)…”


The Dragon Fruit likes Chuck more than me!! Waaaaaaaa!

The dragon fruit

Length – 14cm
Weight – 190g

Legs and arms are growing to be in proportion. Structural abnormalities, birth defects in major organs, spine and bones can be seen from this point onwards. earing has become more acute. The baby gets fingerprints.


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