Pregnancy week 17 – random rage

One thing I’ve noticed about being pregnant is the random attacks of rage.

Most of the time this is harmlessy directed towards my hair, my clothes or the dinner but occasionally the rage escapes in the direction of my husband.

A bit like The Monster who takes over my body during particularly nasty bouts of PMT. For no apparent reason everything Chuck says or does makes me incredibly angry. It’s not permanent fortunately but it does make for some unpleasant hours for both of us!

Poor Chuck. Coping with me getting angry at him, being overly sensitive to even the slightest criticism (or lack of praise!!), getting upset at stupid things, weeping at Tv adverts. I’m a hormonal, emotional tornado with no warning system!

I’ve also had serious issues with my spine and this week, I finally decided to sort it out. The sciatica had to go.

I went to see Matthew Rabin, a Neurolink practitioner and chiropractor, who managed to identify a pelvic alignment issue and a bacterial infection which he promptly fixed.

Overnight the problem with the sciatica (shooting pains down my back and into my bum and left leg) were gone.

Neurolink is completely natural and non-invasive and doesn’t involve taking any medicines or painkillers. It all works by getting your mind back in control of your whole body through stimulation of pressure points and other things I don’t fully understand because I don’t have the necessary years of medical training required.

Anyway it’s genius.

I have to ice my back every morning and night to keep it in good nick and I think the pain is just creeping back a bit but I was warned it might take two goes to completely correct. Either way it’s 90% better and I’m no longer in agony so in my opinion at least – money well spent!

The orange

Length – 13cm
Weight – 140g

The baby and the placenta are the same size this week. Baby is collecting subcutaneous fat under the skin. It’s building up it’s first poo – called meconium (gross!) The baby can hear us now and will be able to recognise the voices it hears most often while in the womb. It’s also got taste buds so what I eat it can now taste too.

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