Pregnancy week 15 – gastroenteritis

Ohhh yuck, I’m 15 weeks pregnant now and yesterday I had what I thought was the worst morning sickness of my pregnancy.

First I threw up my breakfast when I arrived at work – nothing unusual there. I often part company with my weetabix after my commute.

I then decided to drink 3/4 of a pint of milk. Sometimes milk helps settle my stomach. Not this time. I’ve learned that throwing up milk drunk on an empty stomach results in something that’s a cross between cottage cheese and tofu! Horrific to look at but at least easy on the way out.

Thinking that would be the end of it, I ate a small pack of pineapple chunks and a wholemeal pitta with boursin.

The pitta was first up – awful and much harder going than the milk probably because I was dehydrated by then.

An hour later the pineapple reappeared.

When I eventually made it home (horrendous hour and a half commute thanks to Oxford Circus being closed) I went straight to bed.

Chuck came home and made me some ravioli. I said goodbye to that at 1.30am.

My virtually sleepless night was spent to-ing and fro-ing to the loo. Eventually at 5.30am my bowels decided to join in the party with a bang!

Weak and exhausted, I dragged myself to the doctor’s surgery over the road from our new house and told them I’d like to register and see a doctor.

The woman behind the counter, in exact accordance with the “NHS code of conduct for GP’s receptionists”, told me it takes 48hrs to register and only then will I be allowed to see a doctor, she said this without bothering to look up and with a tone that suggested that I’m a melodramatic hypacondriac moron who’s mission in life is to waste her time.

“I’m 15 weeks pregnant and I’ve just spent 24 hours throwing up and having diorrhea – I have to see a doctor NOW!” I all but screamed at her and she then looked up all smiles and assured me it would all be fine, asked me to fill out a form and come back in half and hour. The standard GP receptionist tone had been replaced by a motherly understanding and mollified I went home to await my fate.

Half an hour later, the lovely doctor (also a qualified OBGYN no less!) told me I had gastroenteritis and then used her ultrasound device to let me listen to the baby’s heartbeat. I felt so much better after that. She told me to get on the dioralyte to replace lost fluids, take very small dry meals when I was ready and I’d be fine.

I’m now back in bed watching Grand Designs series 1 that I downloaded years ago because we have no TV or Internet (save on the iPhone). Still can’t eat but it’s been 4 hours since anything untoward happened at either end so hopefully I’m on the home straight.

Feel horrible though. Not fun.

The Pear

Length – 10cm
Weight – 70g

Bones are hardening, it’s face is getting defined. It blinks, swallows, yawns and even batts it’s eyeashes. It may even smile.

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