Pregnancy week 14 – overdoing it

It’s the end of week 14 and it’s been one of the toughest weeks of my pregnancy so far!

I’d just like to start by saying if you can at all avoid using Orchards of London estate agents at all, you should because there aren’t words rude enough to describe them and their shocking, bullying, awfulness.

Orchards of London are the WORST estate agents I have ever had the displeasure of working with and that’s quite an achievement. Orchards of London reach new lows of underhanded, lying, manipulative behaviour and their fees are plain daylight robbery – hindsight is a wonderful thing and if I know what I do today I would have run for the hills before ever even phoning them.

So the worst week of my pregnancy so far was not for any pregnancy related reason – it was caused by Orchards of London.

I was feeling a bit better. I still have the odd morning or evening throwing up but the nausea is generally better…

Although saying that I feel really sick right now. Chuck is downstairs making me some toast so hopefully I’ll be better after that.

I’ve also got most of my old energy back. Or so I thought!

We moved house this week. It’s been an incredibly stressful experience. The estate agents we went with, Orchards of London, have been atrocious throughout.

We finally moved in on Saturday with the help of my family and Chuck’s sister but we only signed the contract on Friday night!

The girl we dealt with was so horrible and unhelpful – we found out she’d lied to us about several things about the move but fortunately she’s not managing the place!

Still she managed to rip us off for £800 agency fees when the normal price is £200-£400. Feel very silly now 😦 that’s pregnancy for you. I might have been more cautious if I wasn’t so desperate to have our home sorted.

Because of the last minute-ness of everything this evil girl does (all the while insisting that we do everything to HER timeframe despite missing all her own deadlines and being as unhelpful and nasty as possible) we didn’t get to pack until Friday night and that was after she kept us waiting to sign the contract until 8pm despite telling us we HAD to arrive by 6pm to sign the thing!

She actually yelled at me down the phone about this! I’m four-months pregnant!!!!

I went to bed at 2am and was utterly shattered. My back is killing me anyway but the move made it so much worse.

The next day we were up at 6.45am to go and check in. The guy who did that part was lovely! The evil bitch had told us he had insisted we meet him at 6.45am but he said she told him it was US who’d insisted on such an early start. He also told her he thinks she’s an appalling, lying, underhanded bitch too so at least it’s not just us.

We got back home and everyone arrived to help us finish packing and move to the new house.

Another entire day of hard graft and I feel like death. Sooooo tired. I went to bed at 8.30pm and I still feel like I’ve just finished a marathon.

The bump is having a growth spurt too. I can feel it stretching my muscles – not comfortable.

No time off work either! It’s just non-stop.

The peach

Length – 9cm
Weight – 43g

It’s relying on the umbilical cord and placenta now. It’s got hair forming and it’s starting to have a go at breathing. It’s also startng to grasp and grab to strengthen and cordinate it’s hands.

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