Week 12 – symptoms magically disappear… or not

3 months pregnant belly

3 months pregnant

Week 12 fell conveniently over the Christmas week.

It was so wonderful to go home and be fussed over and fed by my parents. Not that they do much fussing but neither do they expect much.

My mum and dad gave up their bed for me and Chuck, my siblings had their own beds, my Nan had my usual spot (my brother’s old room – he robbed mine when I moved out, the git!) and they slept in the living room. I felt a bit bad about it but growing up they’d slept in the living room on a blow up mattress for a good few years while doing up the house so it’s fairly normal for us to have Xmas morning all curled up on a makeshift bed in the living room.

It was my first Christmas with Chuck! Next year we’ll spend it with his family.

I know your symptoms are meant to magically disappear when you get to twelve weeks but mine got worse instead.

The nausea got a bit better but the puking started. I’d stand over the loo thinking about it and retching and then usually I’d start puking, but sometimes I’d have to get things started by putting my fingers down my throat which is probably really bad for you but I figured I was going to puke eventually I may as well get it over and done with and afterwards I always felt much better.

I wasn’t as abnormally tired as I was either… but that could have been because Chuck and I slept in until 10am everyday and hardly did anything for the whole week.

We did one 10k walk with my friends and drove 2.5hrs to see Monkey World in Dorset but apart from that it was very relaxed. Mainly larding on the sofa’s with fat cats draped over us and crap on the new HD freeview TV.

We spent our first New Year’s Eve alone and spent the evening making ridiculous choux pastry swans and eating a lovely raclette and fondue feast. It was wonderful.

We’d downloaded the final Harry Potter on my parent’s Apple TV we bought them for Xmas. Because we’d used their internet download allowance on downloading The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (which, itself, had taken three hours) the Potter film took 45 hours to download so it wasn’t actually ready for NYE!!!!!!!!!!! We watched the Borrower’s instead.

The Stix is yet to join the 21st century it seems. Even the HD channels my parents had hoped to pick up on their new freeview box didn’t work. Their scheduled to appear sometime in Feb 2012. Ahhh the countryside. Don’t you just love it. City boy Chuck felt like he was trapped in the past! Bless him.

We watched the Potter movie on New Year’s Day and went back to London in the evening.

The nausea is pretty much abated but the majority of the time I feel as though I’m too full, sluggish and tired. Like the way a mild hangover and oversleeping and overeating feels. You just want to cleanse yourself and feel better but nothing helps.

The plum

Length – 5.5cm
Weight – 14g

All it’s features are in the right place now. Things that get to work this week: thyroid gland, gallbladder and pancreas. It can smile, squint and frown. It’s hair is starting to grow too. The placenta starts providing for the baby now too.

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