Pregnancy week 13 – the 12-week scan

I had my first scan at 13 weeks +1 day because it was Christmas.

Chuck and I took the day off and went together. I diligently drank my 1/2 litre of water and crossed my legs until it was our go!

The guy who did the scan (not sure what his job title would be) tucked paper into my trackies and smothered my belly with gel.

I held my breath – at first there was nothing on screen. “Shit, I’ve imagined it! I thought! I’m like whats-her-name on Glee!!” but he shifted the thing and there it was! Our baby! A perfect tiny life, lying on his back in my belly!!

The scan bloke put the sound on so we could hear the heart hammering away and12-week scan tears started rolling down my cheeks.

Apparently everything looked normal and I was sent to have a blood test with my little scan pictures. Chuck and I were sooo happy. It was wonderful. The scan pics look like everyone else’s to be honest.

Ours are good but I was tempted to go online and find a better on to send to my mates 😉

our baby at 12 weeks

After the scan we went house hunting. We were looking for somewhere to rent.

About six hours after we saw our child for the first time and heard it’s little heart, we were signing on the dotted line for a gorgeous two bedroom house. There’s still the checks to go through and the real contract to be signed but hopefully we’ll move to our new family home in two weeks time.

A busy and wonderful day!

The kiwi

Length – 7.5cm
Weight – 23g

Girls get eggs in their overies now. It’s got thumbs it can suck. It’s started to exercise it’s facial muscles. Genitalia is emerging. Nose and lips are completed. The voice box is developing.

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