Pregnancy week 10 – hideous head cold

Last week I spent two days in bed trying to kick a head cold I felt coming on. My growing baby had just got past the grape stage and turned into a date… well that was it’s size anyway.

Before I fully came down with the the cold, I thought I’d better get that flu jab too. The NHS website says all pregnant women should have it no matter what stage their at.

A cold was the last thing I wanted. You don’t want anything wrong while you’re pregnancy. You feel crap enough as it is but anything actually being wrong terrifies you.

So I trudged down to the doctors, was kept waiting for almost an hour – long enough to definitely get some sort of flu from the assorted sneezing, unhealthy toddlers tottering about the waiting room – and was then informed by the nurse that the manufacturers instructions say you SHOULDN’T have the jab in the first trimester.

And anyway she said I already had “flu” and sent me home.

I went back to work but two days later I was back in bed and the head cold attacked with vengeance. Another two days and well into my tenth week of pregnancy I was back in the doctor’s being told by a surely woman that I SHOULD have been given the jab.

This doctor wasn’t one of the usual ones and she was horrible. I told her I was worried about the cold because it’s terrifying being pregnant for the first time. She scowled at me and asked me suspiciously and asked why it was so scary… ummmm duh?!

Things are happening to my body that I’ve never experienced and I don’t know what’s normal or what isn’t. I don’t even know whether an awful cold or a chest infection could harm the baby!

The evil doctor continued to glare at me. Decided to listen to my chest and finally dismissed me saying I just needed to rest…

All I wanted was a bit of reassurance but by the end of my 3 minute appointment I just felt guilty about wasting this awful woman’s time… and at least 1 of those minutes were taken up by her scowling at me.

The only good thing I can say about having a hideous head cold is that it masked the nausea for a week.

The date

Length – 3cm
Weight – 4g

It’s finally an official fetus now. The heart is beating and almost has all it’s chambers. It’s getting teeth buds. It starts weeing (gross) because it’s drinking amniotic fluid (gross!). It has a tongue and can taste too. Unlucky.

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