Pregnancy week 8 – full of cold

I feel horrendous. The cold I thought I’d deftly avoided with two days in bed has reappeared with vengeance. I’m 8 weeks pregnant and I feel like the opposite of a healthy, glowing, nurturing mother. I feel like the embodiment of death and decay.

I’m writing this on my phone, curled up in a fleece blanket under my duvet. I’m hating life right now.

My nose is either pouring or stuffed up, my chest aches (from the inside for a change), I’m hacking up luminous green lumps of phlegm, eyes are watering, and I feel horrid.

I feel awful because we’ve literally just got new bosses and I’m having to call in sick for a second time.

My mum reassured me that the Lentil would be safe regardless of the cold but advised me to see the doctor as the thing has moved to my chest. I’m surprised how much I feel like I need my mum at the moment. The minute I got sick I wanted to go home.

Chuck is being magnificent but I feel so bad because he’s supposed to be finishing an all-important presentation for next week and now he has to look after me instead.

Terrible timing!

On the plus side the cold misery is blocking out the nausea. Small mercy!

The raspberry

Length – 1.6cm
Weight – 1g

Baby gets it’s cardiovasular system underway. Ears will be the first thing to work properly. eyes are coming along nicely. It starts to uncurl and the tail is turning into a proper spinal cord. It will have finger and toe buds by the end of the week and elbows and knees will begin. The tip of the nose appears!

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