Pregnancy week 8 – hating it

Being eight weeks pregnant hasn’t endeared me to the process. I’m utterly hating it.

I hate feeling nauseous all the time. There has been hardly a moment in the past six weeks where I haven’t felt sick and uncomfortable.

And now to top it off I’ve come over all emotional.

I can’t sleep and that isn’t helping but worst of all is the fact that I’ve got a cold.

Based on info on the Internet I booked in for a flu jab. For starters I was kept in the waiting room of doom (sneezing pensioners and snotty toddlers) for 45 minutes – ample time to get everything doing the rounds I reckon.

Then when I went in the Nurse told me contrary to NHS advice on the web the jab isn’t suitable for women in their first trimester.

And taking in my pallor and snuffling she proclaimed that at any rate I already had the flu virus…


I think mainly it was the fact that I couldn’t sleep the night before but I was sufficiently spooked to call in sick and take to my bed for two days.

Last night I couldn’t sleep again due to my constant need to wee and the fact that I can’t control my body temperature so I curled up on the sofa.

I woke up (for the fourth time) this morning with an appalling lump in my throat, like a great sand-papery ball.

I went back to work today but I’m actually more sick. It sucks.

And as you can see all I do is moan. I don’t think I’ve said a single positive thing in weeks.

I just want it to end. I want to not be anxious and to feel better. I want a healthy baby and I want to feel excited instead of scared.

Most of all I want to not live in a shared house… I think I need to nest.

Oh God, make it go quicker!!!!

The raspberryLength – 1.6cm
Weight – 1g

Baby gets it’s cardiovasular system underway. Ears will be the first thing to work properly. eyes are coming along nicely. It starts to uncurl and the tail is turning into a proper spinal cord. It will have finger and toe buds by the end of the week and elbows and knees will begin. The tip of the nose appears!


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