Pregnancy week 7 – a tiny bit better

I’m 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant and the lentil has become a blueberry. It’s got flippers for feet and hands and it’s eyes and ears are getting more defined.

Apparently the Blueberry is growing an umbilical cord too. I’m quite surprised at this because I would have thought it would need that straight away.

Anyway I’m still feeling horrendous but fortunately the nausea is marginally better than last week.

My monsterous appetite is also slowing down too! Maybe this means I’ll stop piling on the pounds! I already find it difficult to get into my jeans.

Pregnancy is still not fun!

BlueberryThe blueberry

Length – 1.3cm
Weight – 0.5g

It’s getting teeth! It’s also on the way to having ears and proper eyes. The body divides into sections so that it has an abdominal cavity, arms and little legs. It’s feet and hands are miniture flippers. The begings of a liver, pancreas, stomach, esophagus and appendix make an appearence. It finally gets an umbilical cord! Yes, really!

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