Pregnancy week 6 – awful!!

Hi all,

I am ever so sorry for the non-update of Eat Cake Love Life. Basically it’s pregnancy week 6 and I’ve been feeling too wretched to write.

Literally all I’ve been doing is dealing with a huge work load at my job and going to bed. I’ve even abandoned my normal wifely duties of cooking dinner… I love cooking so this is a big blow.

Normally in our house if you don’t cook, then you wash up… but I’m too exhausted to do any of it so Chuck has heroically (he thinks!) stepped in to keep us both fed and clean.

The nausea has become particularly offensive in the past week. I still haven’t actually been sick but in a way it would be a relief. Instead I’ve just been belching and farting and generally being disgusting!

I’ve discovered Childrens Travel Sickness Wrist Bands from Boots (£8.15). They’re wriststraps which have a small plastic ball on them – this presses on pressure points in your wrists to help relieve nausea – at least that’s the idea.

They’ve been a God send. I still feel shocking with them on but when I take them off I’m so much worse. I took them off on the tube home the other day and 10 minutes later, I almost fanited. Fortunately at that moment someone got up and I hastily slipped into his seat and put my head down.

The Londoners sharing my carriage studiously ignored the heavy breathing, retching female with her head stuff between her knees. Don’t make eye contact! Do NOT make eye contact! Tourists eyed me suspiciously and sensibly gave me a wide berth.

I put the straps back on and eventually started to feel a bit better.

It’s taking me so long to do normal things like walk home or shop! I’m exhausted even after a few minutes and I get heart burn or palpatations if I walk about too much.

I finally told work colleagues, house mates and family this week. Anyone who has to spend any amount of time around me needs to be aware of the situation because I’m lethargic, spaced-out, knackered and quite close to useless. The exact opposite to normal.

Haven’t yet told the boss – who fortunately works out of the country – and I’ve not told my immediate frienship group either as some of them had or are having trouble conceiving and until I know everything is OK, I’d quite like to keep it quiet.

I told my sister Lily and her best mate Isabel too. ‘Bel is 12 weeks pregnant this week and says she is overjoyed to find out I’m pregnant too.

It is amazing to have someone to share this with!! She’s had a horrific first trimester – think puking in the street and projectile vomitting at the bus stop.

I’ve got all fingers and toes crossed that I will NOT start projectile vomm-ing!!

Anyway – office move today. Last thing I need but I better go and read the removal men who are an hour late the riot act… again! Pregnant women are NOT to be messed with.

The rice grain

Length – 6mm
Weight – 0.2g

Baby loses tadpole look and gets large black circles for eyes and passageways between the ears and nose. It’s shaped like a comma – the tail of which will become the spine. It has arm and leg buds. The heart begins to beat.

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