Bra fitting when pregnant

Wire free bra - brilliant for pregnancy

Wire free bra – brilliant for pregnancy not very sexy…

Exciting news. I am NOT a 34AA afterall.

Yesterday I went to Rigby and Peller – only the Queen’s corsetier! – at Westfield, London and indulged in a free bra fitting.

They are amazing! You take your top off and the girls look at your boobs and your back and your sides and know by site what bra size is going to fit you.

Because we’re all built differently they bring you a couple of different styles and sizes to see what works best on your frame.

It turns out I am a 32 B. The reason my 34A cup bra (I wear them one size up on purpose because 34AA looks like a child’s bra) was gaping on my boobs was A) because I didn’t have the shoulder straps tight enough, B) because the back as too large and C) because the cup size was too small!

However, as I am pregnant, the shop assistant fitted me into a surprisingly comfy and well fitting 34 C. I had to buy a moulded cup without underwiring – this is for comfort and shape.

The unmoulded cups are made of lycra that’s sucked into a cup shape and if you don’t have enough breast tissue to fill it out you get a bagginess around the nipple – gross.

They also don’t give you any shape where as a moulded cup (made of soft foam) give you a nice smooth rounded shape under your t-shirt and even if it is a bit big for you at the moment, that won’t show.

I also have perma-erect nipples… maybe that’s Too Much Information but I find I’m not really feeling ashamed of my bodily functions now that I’m pregnant. For this reason, a moulded bra makes “smuggling tic-tacs” a lot more discreet.

I still had to buy a teenagers training bra in a 34 C as I’m small framed but at least it fits! Plus the advantage of training bras is that they are a fraction of the cost.

I brought a T-shirt bar which is seriously ugly, skin coloured and covers almost my entire chest and a cuter more half-cup black bra – they cost me about £48. That’s more money than I have ever spent on lingerie but they will last me until my third trimester and could even go beyond depending on how big I get.

I highly recommend anyone to go get your bra fitted in the early stages of pregnancy. If you’re like me, your boobs are in a constant state of soreness anyway so treat them nicely.


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