House hunting

I decided to check out local areas to see what’s around.

Chuck and I have decided to buy a place but we probably can’t afford to stay in the swanky part of town we live in now.

We currently house share which obviously isn’t ideal for a married couple with a “lentil” on board.

The thing is the affordable areas are just awful. There’s a few nice roads and the massive scary estates and tower blocks.

I think we’d be better off going a little further out and saving money that way rather than compromising on feeling safe and having nice shops, pubs and restaurants near by.

It’s bloody hard! House hunting is painful when you’re on such a tight budget!

Plus with lentil causing constant nausea and exhaustion i feel totally overwhelmed…

Gonna start talking to estate agents next week. Wish me luck.

It’s 9.45pm – bedtime x


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