Pregnancy week 6 – All day sickness

According to the pregnancy apps on my phone I am six weeks pregnant! Half way through my first trimester.

I feel sick. All day.

Fortunately I haven’t been sick but constant nausea seems to be something I’m stuck with.

Nothing helps relieve it but certain things make it worse.

I have a superhero style sense of smell. The most rubbish of all X-Men style super skills! What am I supposed to do with this?

I can literally smell individual ingredients as I walk through China Town. This makes nausea worse because things like Durian and grease are really offensive on the nose.

I can smell my husband before he’s even walked into our room. It’s so weird.

As you can imagine taking the tube is not a pleasant experience at the moment and I have to cross the road to get by the Department Stores and their perfume counters – it’s so sickly. Blah.

I’ve heard morning sickness isn’t like food poisoning or anything like that. Throwing up doesn’t actually relieve the nausea. I really hope I don’t start puking!

It’s also worse today because I didn’t sleep until 00.30! I need 9 hours a night now and I’m being punished for only having 7.

Early night tonight!

The rice grain

Length – 6mm
Weight – 0.2g

Baby loses tadpole look and gets large black circles for eyes and passageways between the ears and nose. It’s shaped like a comma – the tail of which will become the spine. It has arm and leg buds. The heart begins to beat.

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