Pregnancy week 6 – Exercising in the first trimester

This morning I tried exercising for the first time since I found out about the “sesame seed” (it was that size when I found out).

I went running… A whole 15 minutes. I was rubbish. I managed 2 km which I can normally do in around 10 minutes.

I’ve read that exercising in the first trimester is sometimes harder because your body is tired! But I also blame having about three months of inactivity.

I had to stop and walk after 13 mins cause my shoulders really started to hurt.

They’ve been like rocks for four weeks and I can’t have a bloody massage to sort it out cause no one will touch me until week 12!

I thought I’d try a bit of pregnancy yoga when I got in and even if it was a bit weird and “ommmmmm”-y it loosened up the tension and made me feel a lot better.

It’s gonna be my new thing!


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    The rice grain

    Length – 6mm
    Weight – 0.2g

    Baby loses tadpole look and gets large black circles for eyes and passageways between the ears and nose. It’s shaped like a comma – the tail of which will become the spine. It has arm and leg buds. The heart begins to beat.