Pregnancy week 6 – Paranoia! Does everyone know I’m pregnant?

Ohhhhhh! I am not very good at this! It’s been just over a week since I discovered my pregnancy and even though I’ve only known for 8 days I am massively paranoid that everyone – all my friends – have guessed the truth.

I’ve had to lie about the wine club that I set up…

We have a group trip to Vinopolis planned next week but after much consideration I’ve realised I can’t “fake” wine taste even with the use of a spittoon.

So I made up a lame excuse about double-booking with my mum’s birthday dinner… On a Friday night in Reading. A likely story.

Why did I organise a wine club?!

I’ve offered to host the first club but in January and by then the secret will be out.

I also told everyone that Chuck and I will “start trying for a baby” in January.

They know already!!! I can feel it.

Or maybe I’m just paranoid?

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    The rice grain

    Length – 6mm
    Weight – 0.2g

    Baby loses tadpole look and gets large black circles for eyes and passageways between the ears and nose. It’s shaped like a comma – the tail of which will become the spine. It has arm and leg buds. The heart begins to beat.