Pregnancy week 6 – Tiredness in early pregnancy

I always think of new mums as being epically tired but tiredness is not a symptom I’d previously associated with early pregnancy.

I am absolutely, bloody, knackered! ALL THE TIME!!!

Normally I go to bed between 11.30 and 12.30 – Chuck and I watch box set DVDs of Supernatural in bed before the old “get a drink of water, have final wee” ritual and then 7 or 8 hours sleep before getting up again.

Now I need a minimum of 9 hours and even if I get it, I’m still ridiculously sleepy.

Last night I arrived home at 7pm and Chuck was working at the desk in our room.

It was chilly so I got into bed switched on the electric blanket to read. Pretty much immediately I knew I wasn’t going to leave the bed again that night.

Chuck tried to get me to make him dinner and told me I’d wake up at 3am if I slept that early but I was gone!

I woke at 11 when Chuck got into bed. He made me switch off my electric blanket in case it was dangerous for the baby (I’ve made a mental note to investigate this) so I nipped to the loo and was back in bed in under 2 minutes.

The next time I woke up was 7.30am!

12 hours of solid sleep!!!!

Baby growing is exhausting!!

What else is happening

  • sore boobs – 1 cup size bigger
  • no more cramps – yaaay
  • slight nausea
  • crazy sense of smell
  • sore back and shoulders
  • ravenous appetite
The rice grain

Length – 6mm
Weight – 0.2g

Baby loses tadpole look and gets large black circles for eyes and passageways between the ears and nose. It’s shaped like a comma – the tail of which will become the spine. It has arm and leg buds. The heart begins to beat.

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