Pregnancy week 5 – Pretending to drink

Well that was a disaster! Last night was my sister’s birthday and her friends and I went to a Japanese restaurant, out to see the fireworks and then to a bar…

First of all Lily came here to get ready and I pretended to have a vodka and coke – she had a real one, mine was just coke.

I prepared my back story saying I’d drunk a whole bottle of wine the night before and had a dicky tummy… She straight away asked if I was pregnant. I told her I wasn’t and that I came on that day.

The restaurant was tough, everyone assumed I was pregnant as I decided to just have water. I told them Chuck and I had decided to try in January.

Then we walked to the fireworks and Lily handed me a cup of wine. Again I pretended to drink this and binned it as soon as I could.

At the bar I ordered g&t for Lily and just T for me… I’m not sure she bought it as she asked me again.

I took her off to one side and said I’d thought I was pregnant last month but I’d done a test last night and discovered I wasn’t so Chuck and I had cracked open a wine.

And that now we’re gonna wait until January.

THEN in a new twist I discovered Isabel, one of our dearest friends, who was at the party and also not drinking, is pregnant!

She didn’t tell me but I asked Lily and she confirmed it – apparently Isabel isn’t quite at the three month mark so didn’t want everyone to know.

Still I maintained my innocence but I think they all assume I’m pregnant… They’re all Lily’s friends though so it doesn’t really matter what they think.

My own crew are never going to believe I’m not pregnant…

I am sooooo excited about Isabel’s pregnancy though!!! We’re gonna be mums at the same time if my “sesame seed” stays put for the whole 9 months!!!!!

Yaaaaaay. Cannot wait for the next 8 weeks to be up so I can just tell people. This sucks.


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    seasame seedsThe sesame seed

    Length – 2mm
    Weight – 0

    Baby loses the tail from it’s embryonic phase. It’s skeleton starts forming along with digestive organs. The heart begins to form and the neural tube which will become the spine. It will get ear and eye buds. Amazingly the heart is going to start beating on day 21!