Pregnancy week 5 – Cramps in early pregnancy

I’ve been having mild cramps in my lower abdomen since I conceived. Yesterday they felt a bit worse so I had a paracetamol went to bed early. They actually feel better when I’m lying down.

I asked the forums whether this was normal or not and all the girls were so supportive. Turns out loads of women have cramps in early pregnancy and it’s nothing to be worried about.

When to worry about cramps in early pregnancy

  • When your bleeding as well
  • When you also have a fever
  • When they’re really intense and stabby
  • When you also have sickness

Of course there’s exceptions to every rule so if you feel like something’s wrong, listen to your body and seek medical advice immediately. My doctor said it was better to try and come to see them during opening hours but if that wasn’t possible and the pain was really bad to go directly to A&E.

Anyway this morning I’m feeling a bit better. Still trying to come up with an appropriate lie to get me out of drinking at my sister’s birthday party tomorrow without arousing suspicion…

So far I’m thinking:

  • Got really drunk yesterday at another mates birthday
  • Have video shoot for work on Sunday morning
  • Have ear infection and am on antibiotics
  • Had food poisoning…

All of these seem to scream “I’m pregnant” to me… I’m considering not going at all. Getting pregnant before Xmas is sooooo hard!


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