Pregnancy week 5 – Sleep

Ahhhh I feel brilliant. I slept all the way through the night and I don’t feel to queasy either.

I noticed yesterday that I’m beginning to get a very strong sense of smell and that the scent of fast food, sausages and pizza all make me feel sick.

Going back to work today. I have been off with “food poisoning” for the past two days and now I feel better.

I also missed drinks with the girls last night. I feel bad but I pretended I was working late… I don’t want anyone to know yet.

This is gonna be bloody hard on the way up to Christmas. Ahhhhh!!!

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    seasame seedsThe sesame seed

    Length – 2mm
    Weight – 0

    Baby loses the tail from it’s embryonic phase. It’s skeleton starts forming along with digestive organs. The heart begins to form and the neural tube which will become the spine. It will get ear and eye buds. Amazingly the heart is going to start beating on day 21!