Pregnancy week 5 – Girl, interrupted

It’s 2.30am and I’m awake with an overwhelming need to wee.

Yesterday it was 3am and after that I just couldn’t settle, I have a feeling the same thing will happen tonight.

I actually went to bed earlier this evening to see if I could claw back some sleep from the weekends deficit. I was asleep by 10pm! I’ve read that sleep interruption is also normal in early pregnancy but you don’t usually see it this early.

I was thirsty after my wee and so I had a glass of water and now I need to wee again – this isn’t much fun.


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    seasame seedsThe sesame seed

    Length – 2mm
    Weight – 0

    Baby loses the tail from it’s embryonic phase. It’s skeleton starts forming along with digestive organs. The heart begins to form and the neural tube which will become the spine. It will get ear and eye buds. Amazingly the heart is going to start beating on day 21!