Pregnancy week 5 – Queasy

Euuuugh. Not loving this. I feel sick – I’ve felt sick all fricking day and that’s early for morning sickness – the doctor thought it might be shock. Most of the time morning sickness doesn’t arrive until week 7 or 8. The NHS Direct nurse said it was a good sign because it means the pregnancy hormones are strong. What’s not a good sign is that my body already isn’t a fan!

What I’m particularly not keen on is that my appetite, which was monstrous just two days ago, has pretty much disappeared and I can’t even finish a meal now.

I STILL feel nauseous after eating which isn’t fair. Most women say it goes away when they’re full. Ahhhhh!!!! Annoying.

I’m only 4 weeks and it’s already rubbish. I’m hoping that tomorrow I will wake up without any weirdness in my abdomen and sans sickness.

I probably just need a lovely long sleep.

The trouble is I’ve got all the symptoms of “food poisoning” – including loose and frequent poo-ing (sorry, I know, too much info) so I really need to just rest and eat simple food for now… in case it is food poisoning, which would be bad!


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