Oh my f-ing God!!! I’m pregnant.

2 positive pregnancy tests

2 positive pregnancy tests – there’s no arguing with these!

This morning I decided to do another pregnancy test as I’m 2 days late and I thought I’d reconfirm.

Literally the second I peed on the stick two lines appeared. I started shaking, went downstairs and called Chuck and 5 minutes later we were starring at each other – him full of glee, me with a mixture of terror, horror and surprise.

I really want to have a baby but I thought I WASN’T pregnant this month. I’ve done everything wrong!!!!

My catalogue of errors read:

  • drank wine on four occasions
  • got drunk on Saturday – 2x glass of wine, small vodka coke and a big glass of sparkling wine
  • walked for 5 hours on Sunday
  • forgot my folic acid two days in a row
  • slept on my back and front
  • drank large cafe latte this morning
  • took four neurofen – 2 at 10pm and 2 at 3am
  • Tried a small bite of unpasturised sheeps milk blue cheese – actually the worst form of cheese you could possibly eat when pregnant.
  • Had prawn pad thai
  • Ate some smoked salmon sushi
  • Had pate and a rare steak for dinner.

The reason I took the Nurofen was because my shoulders are really stiff and sore!

And now I’ve just read that sore shoulders are a symptom of ectopic pregnancy!!! I’m absolutely sh*tting myself.

I often get really bad stiff and sore shoulders when I sleep little or badly which was the case on Sunday. Followed by a day trekking around Camden. For me that’s a sure fire way to trigger epic back pain!

And now I can’t even have a massage to sort it out!!! And I can’t take nurofen either!!!

I know plenty of girls who partied hard before finding out they were pregnant and all the info I’ve read online says not to worry but I can’t help it.

I feel sick.

Though I think that’s more to do with the cafe latte I’m not used to drinking and the fact that I didn’t eat breakfast.

You know what another symptom of ectopic pregnancy is? Nausea!!!

And mild cramping – I’ve got something going on in my lower abdomen but I’m not sure I’d call it cramping?

This is awful and it ought to be awesome! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

Made a doctors appointment for Thursday. One and a half looooooooong days to go until I can discuss this rationally with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Chuck is taking it calmly. He wants to test again in a couple of days to make sure before getting excited. I didn’t think I could wait that long so I was straight on the case with test number two! Gotta be sure!

… I’m terrified. I can’t be happy about it… And that’s what Alice said she felt at the beginning of the pregnancy she lost. So scared.

Gonna call NHS direct for advice!

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