Pregnancy week 5 – First doctors appointment

Ok so, I’ve only JUST found out I’m pregnant and already I’m 5 weeks! Getting my head round that one is a bit difficult… but from now on I have to think in weeks and not normal weeks – I’d start counting from the moment of conception. Doctor’s start from the first day of your last period. Annoyingly those tests which tell you how pregnant you are, count from conception. Useless.

Also I thought I’d be pregnant for 9 months… but 40-42 weeks is 10 months. It doesn’t make sense. I guess it’s calendar months… still. I’m 5 weeks pregnant. The baby is the size of a seasame seed.

Enough of that though… I’m PREGNANT!!! And I’ve already messed it up!

I talked to NHS Direct about my concerns – i.e. the drinking and the Nurofen – and they said I ought to bring my appointment forward and see a doctor face to face as soon as possible as a precaution but they stressed that I shouldn’t be overly worried.

Drinking in early pregnancy

Basically loads and loads of women drink in the early stages of pregnancy because they just don’t know. And usually that goes on for about 8 weeks! I’m only 4 weeks pregnant according to the doctors so should be all good.

In reality I’m only 2-3 weeks pregnant – I know this because not only was my ovulation date probably the 14th October according to my Fertility Friend temperature chart but because I bought one of those ClearBlue tests that tell you how far along you are… just to be sure.

Doctors, however, start counting from the first day of your last period (3rd October 2011) – so I’m just over 4 weeks gone. Only another 32 weeks to go… and that’s if it’s not late.

Nurofen in early pregnancy

Nurofen isn’t recommended for pregnant women but they also reassured me that occasional use is very unlikely to lead to any kind of damage. Phew. I just won’t take it again.

Mild “cramping”

This is the one I’ve got to keep an eye on because it could be an early indication of ectopic pregnancy. It’s mild and sometimes I think it’s because of needing the loo – ALL THE BLOODY TIME!

First doctor’s appointment

So I phoned my doctors and they managed to get me in for an emergency appointment. For the first time ever I was in within 5 minutes of arriving. I saw a really lovely Asian doctor who seemed to be about the same age as me. She made me feel a bit more at ease and said congratulations!

I hadn’t thought about it being a “congratulations” thing!! I mean I know it is, but it’s so unexpected. I never thought when this moment came I’d be so shocked…

She signed me up for Chelsea and Westminster antenatal hospital which is where I’ll go for my scans if I get to that stage. It’s 10 weeks away!!! 10 whole weeks!!!!

MC is trying not to get excited and we’ve agreed that we won’t tell anyone at all until we’re home straight after the second scan if we can… we just want to be 100% sure we have a healthy baby and there’s no complications before we get excited.

Is everyone this anxious when they’re only 4 weeks gone? I’m gonna get on the forums and find out. God bless the forums! One place you can be honest about your pregnancy.

seasame seedsThe sesame seed

Length – 2mm
Weight – 0

Baby loses the tail from it’s embryonic phase. It’s skeleton starts forming along with digestive organs. The heart begins to form and the neural tube which will become the spine. It will get ear and eye buds. Amazingly the heart is going to start beating on day 21!

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