I’m almost 99.9% sure that I’m not pregnant which is why my pledge to not drink at our Halloween party went out the window.

“I’ll just have one little glass of rose” quickly became “I better just finish this bottle and then I’ll have a vodka”.

Our Goths and Geeks party was epically good! Everyone made huge amounts of effort with the costumes.

I actually really fancied Chuck in his goth get-up. He’s normally so careful about his appearance! He went all out with fake lip rings, nose rings and flesh tunnels in his ears. A-mazing!

He even wore MY skinny black jeans!

I went geek and somehow ended up looking like Thelma from Scooby Doo.

This morning’s hangover has been pretty epic to say the least. We have friends staying so we spent the day trudging around Camden… I thought I might die. I was so damn tired, I could have easily passed out in the shoe shop.

Although I’m not pregnant my damn period is a day late! I hate walking around town without immediate access to a loo when my reds are on the way.

We women have it hard!


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