Hopes dashed by a thin red line

I know it’s early but I took the plunge and did a pregnancy test this morning. I couldn’t wait!!

I bought several packs of those First Response Early Pregnancy tests you can take up to 6 days before your period is due.

Today is Thursday 27th, I’m due on around the 31st October but we’ve got our annual Halloween Party on Saturday 29th and it’s usually a boozy affair. I don’t really want to spend the evening pointlessly pretending to drink to hide the fact that I might be pregnant if I’m not so I thought I’d try and find out.

Anyway cursed Fertility Friend had suggested yesterday that I had a 68.4% chance of a positive outcome and I was all full of hope… well they said 68.4% of people tested positive on the same DPO (days past ovulation) as me and I read that to mean I personally had that percentage of chance – my bad.

I have all the right symptoms but as you know, the symptoms of early pregnancy are virtually the same as the symptoms of your period arriving. Thanks for that one Mother Nature. I was coming around to the idea that I might be pregnant but I didn’t really know I was. I wasn’t convinced.

I finally told Chuck about it too and he’s looking forward to trying properly next month which is cool. He’s really committed to having a baby: “I’m gonna wear baggy boxers all month and we’ll get a special pillow to prop you up after sex”

My husband is amazing.

As you can tell by the general tone of this post my test was negative.

But the First Response test leaves you with this tiny nugget of hope!

negative pregnancy test

Negative pregnancy test

From the First Response info sheet:

“If you choose to test early and the result is negative, you may not be pregnant or it may be too early to tell because your urine does not have enough hCG for the test to give a positive result. If you do not get your period within in seven days, you should retest with another First Response Early Pregnancy Test.

Annoyingly there is a very faint second line on my test so now I’m wondering if I am just a little, tiny bit pregnant. Only time will tell. I’m going to wait until I’m late before testing next time.

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