Probably not. Again

Although I know I’m back and forward on this subject, I’ve decided this morning that I’m 98% sure I’m not pregnant and that lingering 2% is down to wishful thinking.

My stomach feels pretty much like it always does when my period is on its way. I’m bloating, over-eating and feeling ever so slightly irritable. It’s still early days, by Friday I will have turned into a premenstrual monster.

Everything gets on my nerves when I’m due on. My husband offering me tea! Everybody on TV! All requests from my manager and my staff! Every perfectly reasonable question from the intern.

Basal body temperature chart for October 2011

My monthly basal body temp chart (Oct 2011)

It’s all a massive cause of consternation for me for a few days before my “girls” arrive.

And it’s not like I don’t know how ludicrous I’m being. I’m aware. It’s like a daemon possesses me and I’m trapped in side watching her seethe and sigh over all the mundane normal things that usually make up my life. There’s literally nothing I can do to stop the irrational rage.

Fortunately I only have to live with the daemon for 2-3 days and then she disappears and I rejoin the human race.

The other reason I’m 98% not pregnant (in my opinion) is that my temperature chart should have dropped when I ovulated and stayed lower. When you’re not pregnant normally your temp stays high after your ovulation until you come on but mine dropped and then went on the rise again. Does that mean I’m NOT pregnant… can’t be sure on this one. I need to do more research.

In eight or nine days time I’ll have my confirmation anwyay. I’m keeping my teeny tiny 2% of hope but I’m not going to obsess over it because the chances appear extremely thin.

I’m having a salmon sandwich today… I probably can’t eat smoked salmon when I’m pregnant right? For now it doesn’t matter because like I said, I’m probably not.


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