Basal Body Temperature chart – early pregnancy signs


After dismissing my temp chart so brazenly in my last post I did a bit of online research to see about early pregnancy signs and what a basal body temperature chart WOULD look like if one were pregnant.

Turns out it would look a lot like MY chart!!

This what’s “Early Pregnancy Signs – BBT Chart” article had to say:

“Two big things that women look for on a BBT chart are an implantation dip, which is a one-day drop in temperature about a week after ovulation, and a triphasic temperature pattern, which is a second, upward shift in temperature occurring about one week after ovulation. Both of these BBT patterns are thought to be signs of increasing progesterone and implantation of the embryo.”

Consider now, my chart for this month:

Basal body temp chart - Oct 2011

Basal body temp chart – Oct 2011

Check out that two day dip after ovulation and then the climb back up… That might well be an implantation dip and a triphasic temperature pattern. These could actually be early pregnancy signs! Although they don’t occur on the exact right days as suggested… hmmmm… tenuous.

Then again, they go no to say:

“However, neither is a reliable early pregnancy sign. The majority of the time, an implantation dip is nothing more than a mid-cycle dip in temperature, and does not indicate pregnancy. Seeing a triphasic pattern on your BBT chart is slightly more likely to indicate a potential pregnancy, but it is also no guarantee.”

What the experts say:

My FertilityFriend App has a Pregnancy Monitor tab and at 11 days past ovulation it’s telling me I have scored highly but only have a 48.1% chance of a positive pregnancy test. This is based on research they’ve done by looking at over 100,000 other women’s basal charts and seeing what was going on when they got pregnant but, as they themselves say, it’s just one tiny piece of the puzzle and it could still go either way.

Anyway I can’t really test until the 2nd of November so I’ve got another eight bloody days to go before I find out.

I’m starting to see why basal charts are often looked as a cause of stress but in my case it represents a last bastion of hope.

Hell, it’s raised my own personal “could be pregnant” probability from 2% to to 48.1%… not bad, eh?

There’s nothing like a bit of positive thinking.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had that salmon sandwich?


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