Discovering forums

Exciting. I discovered Netmums today. I’ve known about them for ages but it never occurred to me to join up and discuss this “is it, isn’t it” pregnancy.

Anyway I took the plunge today and discovered there’s loads of girls who are impatiently waiting to take a pregnancy test in November.

Everyone has been so welcoming and so lovely. I love it. I’m getting a bit addicted to it.

I keep sneaking on to see if anyone else is experiencing possible early pregnancy signs like me.

I’ve only got a short (though feels epically long) wait to take my test but I almost don’t want to. I like living in hope… All 48.1% of it!

Other potential symptoms

Crazy hunger
Frequent wee-ing
Weird feeling in lower abdomen
Very tender breasts
Feeling of protectiveness
Disinterest in alcohol and caffeine
Crazy nesting instinct – my house is SO clean

Lots of other girls are describing similar things and some of them are on baby 2, 3 or even 4 so they should have a good idea of what to expect.

Finger’s crossed.


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