It’s a little bit funny…

…this feeling inside!

I still don’t know if I’m pregnant and I almost don’t want to say that I think I am just in case I’m imagining it all. Following my last post where I was “sure” there was no pregnancy, I’ve changed my mind following a weekend of reflection.

I didn’t have a drink, that one glass of Frexinet, I decided to have was enough and that’s not like me at all! My sister gave me a glass of Pinot at her house and I had two sips before abandoning it.

I might be pregnant, after all..?

Reasons I think I might be pregnant

  • I have had a funny heavy, sometimes uncomfortable feeling in my lower abdomen.
  • I’m just really aware of my body.
  • My boobs are really tender and this morning my husband Chuck commented that they look bigger.
  • I don’t want to drink alcohol, I don’t even want to drink tea. This is very strange for me.
  • I feel protective over my stomach.
  • I’ve got a ravenous appetite.

None of this “evidence” is conclusive proof so I will just have to keep on wondering until November!

I hope I’m pregnant but it’s quite scary thinking about it…

Reasons why I think I might not be pregnant

  • I only started to get these feelings after speaking to Lucy (my pregnancy guru) and she told me she “knew” she was pregnant a few days after implantation for me it was well over a week.
  • I often get tender breasts as I’m about to come on. Though not usually this early
  • Bigger boobs could be down to the huge amounts of food I’m eating!
  • I obviously want to be pregnant so I might be projecting these feelings because I want them to be there.
  • I don’t “know” I’m pregnant… at least I don’t think I’m pregnant… but I could be wrong… Ahhhhh!

Lucy also told me that when you’re pregnant everyone around you thinks it goes really quick while for the mother it feels like an agonisingly long wait.

I’m already feeling like this – I just want to know either way and I can’t find out for another 9 days!!

I’m 80% sure I’m not pregnant…

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