Giving up the grog… or not.

Belly goings-on seem to have abated so I’ve decided to allow myself a small glass of Frexinet this evening. I’m not gonna go mad on the drinking but Lucy told me she “knew” she was pregnant and I’m pretty convinced I’m not.

I’d like to be but I just don’t think I am in my heart of hearts.

I should probably stop drinking altogether but I don’t really want to unless I have to. I’ve given up caffeine instead. Not the same thing, I know. Again, my pregnancy guru, Lucy told me she drank right up until she knew she was pregnant and everything was fine. Her daughter is amazing and utterly perfect so I’m sticking with her advice.

I’m definately not going to be a boozy mum and I don’t smoke so I figure everything in moderation is just fine. You’re actually allowed to have a glass of wine when you’re pregnant – it’s not the blanket ban everyone thinks. I’m not sure I will though. I probably won’t want to.

Once I gave up drinking for 40 days as a challenge for my job. I hated it for the first week and then it was fine. In fact better  than fine. I slept better, felt better and the world and my wallet were in perfect harmony.

But of course once the 40 days were up I got straight back on it with an epic pub crawl round town with all my mates. What can I say, I was young.

This time it’s at least for a good reason rather than a sort of career-boosting bet.I’m actually looking forward to not drinking. I won’t miss the hangovers… two days is the minimum these days. What is that all about?

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