Strange goings on

I had dinner with my good friend Lucy Li last night. She had her baby 10 months ago and so I consider her an expert in all things natal.

I asked her whether she “knew” she was pregnant before she did a test. Like many women Lucy experienced a feeling in her belly that she described as “like cells dividing” and she even said it kind of hurt!!

I felt normal yesterday so concluded I was probably not up the duff on this occasion.

But today! Whole new situation! I’ve had to remove my bra because my breasts are so sore.

There’s something funny going on in my lower abdomen too. It feels… Well not entirely normal.

Being sceptical I’ve discounted the following:

  • Hunger – took myself for a bowl of hummus at Hummus Brothers on Wardor Street and it’s still there even though I’m full
  • Needing a wee – yep, still there after a no.1
  • I have “been” today so I don’t think it can be the other toilet related thing.
  • AND I’m not due on yet – it’s only day 20 of my cycle.

Frustratingly I won’t know for sure for another 10 days or so!!! Just in case I’m sipping coke at Freedom Bar even though it’s a friends birthday. Boo, this sucks!


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