How do I get pregnant?

egg race

The race is on…

As I mentioned I’m embarking on a mission to get pregnant. I’ve been married for two months and we always said we’d get cracking straight after the marriage. Naturally I’m asking myself “how do I get pregnant?” even though I’ve obviously got the gist 😉

So how do I get pregnant? I stopped taking the pill last year and have been relying on taking my temperature every morning to ensure that we didn’t become parents prematurely. I use Fertility Friend and a basal body tempreature thermometer, I brought from Amazon for £4.99.

Fertility Friend is free but if you want more information you can sign up for the premium service which is usual $120 a year but at the mo is just $45 a year (that’s about £26 – bargain). You can also sign up for three month or one month packages but obviously that’s gonna work out more costly.

Some experts say that you shouldn’t check your temperature to know when you ovulate because it adds unnecessary stress but it’s become a part of my morning routine so I don’t find it stressful. I love knowing when I’m going to come on and what changes are occurring in my body during my cycle.

I’ve been reading up on the top tips for how to get pregnant as here’s what I’ve learned:


  • Sexual position doesn’t really matter as long as the sperm is deposited as close to the cervix as possible.
  • Having said that, The best positions are missionary & doggy and any variations on those themes.
  • The worst positions are woman on top because gravity is working against you.
  • After sex you should pop a small pillow under you bum and stay flat on your back for 20-30 minutes. Any longer is a waste of time.
  • The pillow shouldn’t lift your hips too high, it’s just to keep the sperm in place and headed in the right direction.
  • You must take folic acid supplements for 4-weeks before you start trying right up until you actually have a baby – it helps baby brain development and guards against problems like spina bifida.
  • Vitabiotics do a “Conception Care” supplement. The cheapest I’ve found is on Amazon for for £7.60 – 30 tablets.
  • There’s also a boy version for your man “Wellman Conception” also on Amazon (but slightly dearer) and double packs with Conception Care which work out as quite good value.
  • Have sex every other day – supposedly we ovulate around day 12 of our cycle but we’re all different so you never know. The best way to maximise your chances of getting pregnant is to get it on every other day once yourperiod is over – fun!!!
  • Sperm can live up to 7 days (avg is 2 days) and eggs are only about for 1-2.
  • Don’t have too much sex as this can diminish the quality of sperm.
  • Your man should swap the jockeys for something looser. Tight underwear has a negative effect on sperm.
  • Autumn and spring are the best times to get pregnant according to studies on male sperm production. Weird!
  • Give up drinking and smoking. I don’t smoke anyway but it’s annoying that I can’t have wine at the moment “just in case”. Foetuses are most vulnerable in the first three months of pregnancy so you have to do all you can to make sure they get the best start. Put down the Pinot.
  • Eat well, stay healthy and exercise. Apparently yoga has been proven to aid conception as it calms you and relieves stress. You musn’t be too fat or unfit when trying for a baby apparently.
  • Don’t be stressed. Doctors say stress is the biggest factor in fertility problems.

Anyway that’s all I’ve learned so far.

We stopped being careful and started taking our supplements at the end of my last cycle but we’ve only just decided to really try. We’ve missed my ovulation date this month (although we did do it around then anyway) so I’m not expecting to be pregnant yet.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!


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