Newly wed

It’s official, I’m a married woman, a proper newly wed. I’m hoping I last longer than Jessica Simpson!!

Well not hoping really, I’m pretty confident my newly wed status will diminish only when I’m just plain old married – when it’s been sufficiently long enough for me not to be called “newly wed” anymore.

How long is that exactly? I’m not in any rush!

Lauren Goodger vs Caggie Dunlop

The only way isn’t Essex! I’m copying Caggie.

I am totally loving being a newly wed, though my dear husband – you’ll know him as Chuck – and I are really making the most of this second honeymoon period. I’m sure extra details here are unnecessary.

It’s amazing how happy being a wife has made me but I still feel old when someone calls me Mrs C. I mean come on! I’m 30 and it makes me feel like my mum.

What’s worse is that I caught myself shopping in Clarks this week.

No wait, it gets worse… I needed a new pair of flat pumps and the cool ones I tried on in Accessorize weren’t “comfy” enough.

Clerks comfy pumps

Shoot me now! My brand new, comfy, wide-fitting, Clerks pumps

I’m buying comfy shoes!!! It’ll be coats that cover my bum next!! I feel like I should go out on a “school night” and do some shots just to make up for it.

I don’t think my sartorial demise can be entirely down to y new marital status though. MC is, after all, still super on-trend. He’s even rocking a brand new hair cut that’s more GQ than Nuts reader… finally.

I need to talk a leaf from my husband’s book and sort my st

yle out. I have to recapture my youthful adoration of all things fashion & style.

I’m starting with an appointment at Cobella Aqua in Kensington for a restyle.

My long, highlighted mop is for the chop. I realised (with some dismay) that my hairstyle has more in common with The Only Way Is Essex stars than anyone who’s dress sense and style I actually admire (I freely admit, I’m addicted to “reality” soaps, I’m only 68% ashamed of myself for this).

I’m Lauren Goodger where I want to be Caggie Dunlop. This won’t do.

My hair needs a transformation that’ll take it from Essex Wag to Chelsea Darling. I’m thinking a shoulder length, long bob with glossy blonde highlights.

Hang on… cutting you hair off is another sign of becoming “mature” isn’t it?!

Oh just sign me up for Saga now! Newly wed or not, I’m done for.

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