Eat Cake Love Life


I’m getting back into blogging. I used to write one years ago when I was younger and my life was a whirlwind of fabulous parties and thrilling activity that made Hollyoaks look dull, but since settling down, moving from South to West London and getting hitched I haven’t felt as compelled to share.

So having read that first paragraph I’m sure you’re not expecting Belle Du Jour and as long as your expectations are sufficently low you should find something to entertain you on Eat Cake Love Life.

Essentially it’s going to chart the very ordinary life of a recently married 30-something (actually 30-nothing at the mo) including the trials and tribulations of trying to get pregnant, hopefully early pregnancy and even more hopefully becoming a mum. It might be something of a conception diary to begin with…

Why Eat Cake Love Life

Because I am a firm believer of “having your cake and eating it” – frankly what’s the point of having cake if you’re not gonna eat it? And I also think that those who indulge every now and again are those who make the most of their lives.

All women should eat cake and love their lives. You can maybe find some inspiration on the blog if you feel you need a little treat or just something to make you feel good or even put a smile on your face…

At least that’s the aim. Let me know how I get on.

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