Moving to Singapore

We like to make life difficult for ourselves. It can’t just be nice semi-detached place in the suburbs near a good school and done – oh no!! The latest chapter in our adventure is a move to Singapore. Chuck has got a place at INSEAD – the world’s business school, apparently – to study his … Continue reading

2 years old

My Choune is 2 years old! 2 YEARS OLD!! I actually can’t believe it. We celebrated in style! For her birthday treat Thea was taken to the Cotswold Farm Park with her aunties, great Aunty, Gagai and me and Chuck. We bottle fed sheep (Thea attempted a sip from the bottle but was quickly diverted), … Continue reading

Talkative toddler

People always tell you that toddlers who are being brought up bilingual will have delayed speech. This is something I would absolutely dispute! Thea is spoken to in French by her father, her father’s family and her nanny who comes on a Tuesday. The rest of the time it’s English: with mummy, maternal grandparents, childminder, … Continue reading


“Where’s mummy? MUUUUMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” My almost 2-year old daughter is shouting at me from her bedroom. I’m lying in bed and Chuck is in there with her. Apparently the arrangement isn’t acceptable to her. Just lately she’s become all about Mummy. She wants me to do everything for her and not Chuck. He’s understandably a bit … Continue reading

Off the hook!

Well after another rubbish month of convincing myself I was pregnant, I’m happy(ish) to report that I am not. The Reds arrived this morning (me thinking – oh this will be implantation bleeding) and, as is always the way, has got steadily worse as the day has worn on… It’s most definitely not implantation bleeding … Continue reading

Nothing… absolutely nothing

So nothing is going on. There is absolutely nothing. Not even a tiny inkling. To be fair I realised I had made something of a school-girl error in predicting my due on date so in actual fact I’m not due until THIS weekend… maybe even Monday as I’m not exactly clockwork. And the thing is … Continue reading

Damn it

Didn’t listen to my inner 3am voice of Doom. Didn’t get a morning after pill. Didn’t think I’d still be harbouring secret terrors of being pregnant again. We want another baby no question. I even thought over the weekend how much Thea would benefit from a sibling. If one was to put in an early … Continue reading

Toddler talk

Toddler talk is the sort of thing you forget so I’m going to create a Theaictionary of words: Biscuits = Figgits Grandma = Gagai Grandpops = Gammops Sarah = Sarah poo poo Rosie = Woo woo Boing Boing = Bunny rabbit Shouwet = chocolate


Here’s a conversation I never thought I’d have with myself. “It’s 3am! Go to sleep” “I know but I’m worrying. I can’t stop thinking!!” “What are you worrying about” “We had sex last night!!” “No we didn’t!” “No! Chuck and me!!” “Oh. Yeah and… Good for you! Do you want a medal?!” “Well now I … Continue reading

Lie ins are the holy grail of parenting

9.16am still in bed. I did, to be fair, get up at 8am to feed the irritating cat mewing piteously outside my bedroom door this morning and consequently had to retrieve the excited toddler who heard me telling the cat to F off (in slightly more family-friendly language)… But I’m back in bed now and … Continue reading